UGC NET 8 October 2022 : Question Paper & Exam Analysis Phase -4

UGC NET 8 October 2022
UGC NET 8 October 2022

UGC NET 8 October Paper 1 Question Paper Analysis: Major Highlights

UGC NET 8 October 2022 Phase 4 Paper 1 Analysis being held on 8th October, all the major highlights will be updated here as soon as all shifts are concluded. 

UGC NET Exam Topics 2022Difficulty level (Morning Shift)Difficulty level (Afternoon Shift)
Teaching AptitudeEasyTBU
Research AptitudeEasy questions from previous year’s topicsTBU
ComprehensionVery EasyTBU
Logical ReasoningModerateTBU
Data InterpretationEasy but lengthyTBU
Higher EducationEasy with questions from important topicsTBU
Information TechnologyEasyTBU

UGC NET 8 October 2022 Paper 2 Computer Science Paper Analysis

The analysis for UGC NET 2022 computer science is added below

  • Overall difficulty level of paper was easy to moderate.
  • Questions were easy but lengthy. 
  • Application based questions were asked.
  • Match the following and statement based questions were asked.
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SectionLevel of DifficultyNo. of QuestionsTopics Asked
Programming in C and C++Easy1-2To be Updated
Relational Database Design and SQLModerate10+To be Updated
Computer NetworksModerate5-6Match the following type questions from IP address, etc
System Software, Operating SystemModerate8-10To be Updated
Software EngineeringEasy2-3No numerical questions, only theory questions

UGC NET 2022 Economics Paper Analysis

SectionLevel of DifficultyNumber of Questions AskedGood Attempts
EconomicsTo be UpdatedTo be UpdatedTo be Updated
Rural EconomicsTo be UpdatedTo be UpdatedTo be Updated
Co-operationTo be UpdatedTo be UpdatedTo be Updated
DemographyTo be UpdatedTo be UpdatedTo be Updated
Development PlanningTo be UpdatedTo be UpdatedTo be Updated
Development StudiesTo be UpdatedTo be UpdatedTo be Updated
EconometricsTo be UpdatedTo be UpdatedTo be Updated
Applied EconomicsTo be UpdatedTo be UpdatedTo be Updated
Business EconomicsTo be UpdatedTo be UpdatedTo be Updated
Development EconomicsTo be UpdatedTo be UpdatedTo be Updated

UGC NET 8 October 2022 Shift 1 & 2 Memory Based Questions

  • ✔Government  schemes  jese aayusmam bhart  jan dhan atal ka matching  question  aaya he  economics  me
  • ✔Wind energy
  • ✔7:10 reasoning
  • 🔰DATA Interpretation -Population  1.5 crore Male  education  rate female  education  rate percentage  me tha
  • yay nirpeksh yay life cycle  matching  thi
  • Gdp 2014 15.16.17 18  19 10 21  kram me lagana tha
  • 6%8% rate of interest  ci 19000 /17800
  • University  ka coding arrangements  tha
  • 5 9 14 20 27 _? Reasoning  tha
  • [In reply to Shanti Kumari]
  • Yhiii maam mere m bhi aaya thaa orrr DI % wali thii hard thii coding wale q. Thee coading m formula btana thaa … RC k 3 q. Aay thee sirf .. comunication se 2-3 q. The
  • Bhut sare q. New thee maam aapne bhi nhi krwayy vooo
  • Exam hard thaa������
  • Qualitative or quantitative m difference pocha thaaa
  • Ict reserch higher education  se theee
  • ICT m chrt wlaa q. Tha jismee block khali thee unmee fill krnaa thaa uske liyy formula kaise bnega vo btana thaaa
  • [In reply to NTA-UGC NET /JRF Paper-1 Preparation ���������]
  • Firmula ready kr kk use krne prr jise result nikal k bta sakee poorii detail ki list bn sakeee
  • Mrng shift mei compound interest k question tha at what rate money get double in 14 year
  • Identify krna tha wrong no. in the series
  • Bloom’s taxonomy se v question tha rote learning ka
  • SDG goal se tha question goal name tha no. batana tha
  • SDG goal.. figure fallacy CC ka full form se bhi q. Theee
  • University ko code m eiinrstuvy
  • To invension ko isi code m kya likhenge ek y tha
  • Barrier of communication se ek question tha
  • Utkrisht university ka chronological order tha
  • SDG se pramiry objective
  •  Communication barrios
  • POP Full form
  • Teacher centred mathod
  • Profit ( math)
  • Ratio (math)
  • DI me  percentages
  • Kenisis
  • 5,9,14,20,27,35,……?
  • Coding – decoding
  • Women empowerment  kon se act me aaya…
  • Logical reasoning me vailided puchhi thi …
  • Pop ka fullform

[In reply to Kirti Singh ✨]

What is the primary objective of SDG ??

2021-22 ka data poocha thaa population gender se releatwd

Q Direct Teaching teacher uses -Problem Solving / Enquiery asking /Demonstrated

Q 5 , 9 , 14 ,20 , 27 , 35 ?

+4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 =(44)

Q In Communication Plenty of Channel available -Newspaper /Face to face /Television

Q When was NPE 1986 modified?


The National Policy on Education (NPE) was adopted by Parliament in May 1986. A committee was set up under the chairmanship of Acharya Ramamurti in May 1990 to review NPE and to make recommendations for its modifications. That Committee submitted its report in December 1990.

Q Semantic Barrier

Q Universities were set up in Calcutta, Bombay and Madras. A …

 The colleges and universities of Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras were established because of Sir Charles Wood’s dispatch.

Which of the following are the UNDP Sustainable Development Goals?

a. Quality Education

b. Reduced Inequalities 

c. Life beyond water 

d. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 

e. Gender equalities 

  1. e, d and b
  2. a, c and d
  3. a, b and d
  4. c, e and a 

निम्नलिखित में से कौन यूएनडीपी सतत विकास लक्ष्य हैं?

एक। गुणवत्ता की शिक्षा

बी। कम असमानता 

सी। पानी से परे जीवन 

डी। उद्योग, नवाचार और बुनियादी ढांचा 

इ। लिंग समानता 

  1. ई, डी और बी
  2. ए, सी और डी
  3. ए, बी और डी

CC Stands For Creative Common

Who not visit to foreign -Deen dyal Upadhyay

Q 17800 amount pr 6% & 8 % ke adhar pr share ka hissa tha , ab rakam ho gyi 19000 to 6% & 8% pr kitni rakam lgai gyi?

Q Research Ethics –

Q Reflective level me Critical thinking develop hoti hai

R ratne se critical thinking badhti hai

Q University Code /Institution coding wala Question

Q Wind Energy

Pollution free

Clean energy

Useful for

Q gender Equalty

Q Firmware /Trojen / Worm /Virus

Q POP full form

The Full Form Of POP is a Point of Presence Or Post Office Protocol. POP is a demarcation point where many devices share a connection and communicate with each other. POP includes high-speed telecommunication devices and technologies.

Q Cyber Security Staterment

Q Kisme Unknown se Known ko find kiya jata hai ?

Exploratory Research

Q PPT Excel Related IF {}

Q Square of opposition ?

All S is P

No S is P

Some S is P

Some S is not P

Choose correct ?

Q Kinesics

Q Fallacy -Ignorance /Beegging to appeal

Q 13 :25 :: 7:10 Add – 10 ,15 ,20,5

Q Tringulation ( Research ) Assertion Reason

Q Qualitative /Quantitavie me kya similar hai ?

Q he first three official universities were started in Bombay (Mumbai), Calcutta (Kolkata) and Madras (Chennai). Followed by the University of Punjab in 1882 and the University of Allahabad in 1887. These universities were modeled after the University of London and focused on English and the humanities

Q Jheel me gas house utsarjan hota hai

Reason -jisme se co2 bhi niklati hai

Q Arastu ke 4 Nyay shastra sidhant hote hai

Nyay ke 5 sidhant

Q mass communication steps ?

DI=6 colleges and student se related tha……60000 total studnet and 24000 no.of girls diya tha….boys and gilrs ki average,ratio ,difference find krna tha rote learning phace hai?

4.mooc ke Quadrants

5.Grounded theory tools

6. On number series ….find wrong number 6,11,18,27,34,51

Watch You Tube Video

7.IGNOU established year

8.Sdg goal number 4 quality education

9.On psychological barriers of communication

10.RC=on Language transformation of different areas

11.Nep 2020….based on assertion  reason

12.cache memory,CD,DVD,magnetic disk

13.Find the average of first 21 odd integers

14.On binary,decimal,hexadecimal, octal equivalent

15.First women school….


Mr,X ka question ghuma ke …tarak dosh mein pucha tha

Paris agreement, Kyoto protocol inki deeply description bhi thi arssretion reason mein

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