UGC NET PAPER 1 MOCK TEST :(Communication Unit) with answers

Practice free online UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test (TRA) exam series 2021 by NTA: Download PDF model question papers with answers to pass the National Eligibility Test (NET/SET/JRF).

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1. You Attitude’ makes a communication effective as it demands



2. Effectiveness of communication is NOT necessary in case


3. Effective communication is always effective for those who……..for it.


4. Proper selection of media makes a communication effective on the basis of its


5. Effective communication in a nutshell requires


6. Completeness is required in an effective communication as it makes communication


7. Effective communication means that communication in which the people


8. Which of the following is the least important in making a communication effective?


9. In the field of communication, the gesture of ‘How we say’ indicates that communication is a/an


10. Communication by which of the mass media is the most effective?


11. Difference between a normal communication and an effective communication can be

communicated by stating that former is a/ an……………whereas latter is a/an………….


12. Patience in listening is required in effective communication because an impatient listener


13. The most effective expression making a communication effective is


14. Which of the following does not contribute in making communication an effective one?


15. Effective communication lies in the


Why are UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test (TRA) 2021 Important?

Candidates often use NTA (NET/SET/JRF) mock tests as means of preparing for UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test (TRA) 2021. Mock tests are important because of the practice they provide. There are various reasons why UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test (TRA) are important and used for preparation have been listed below:

  • By taking UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test (TRA) on the official website of the National Testing Agency, aspirants get to practice a variety of multiple choice questions, which can build their confidence.
  • By solving the NTA UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test (TRA) paper 2, the candidates will be able to practice for the upcoming UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test (TRA) entrance examination since it will be similar to the real question paper in terms of structure.
  • Details about the exam pattern of UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test (TRA) can also be understood through the.
  • Since the NTA UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test (TRA) will let the candidates know the distribution of topics, the preparation for the UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test (TRA) exam can become easier. The type of questions which may appear in the examination can also be analyzed by the candidates.
  • Candidates will be able to evaluate their current preparation level by solving UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test (TRA).
  • By attempting the UGC (NET/SET/JRF), the candidates will also be able to practice time management.
  • Along with the, the candidates can also refer to UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test (TRA) syllabus with weightage to optimize their preparation.

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