UGC NET June 2023 Question Paper & Answer Key Download

UGC NET June 2023 Question Paper

Check UGC NET June 2023 Question Paper PDF for exam preparation. Now you can download UGC NET Previous Year Question Paper PDF with solution from below article subject wise.

UGC NET June 2023 Question Paper : UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers have been released on the official website. NTA will release the Examination Schedule for UGC NET June 2023 soon on their official website. UGC NET’s previous year’s question papers have given candidates valuable insights into the types of questions asked the exam pattern, and the weightage of different topics according to the syllabus.

UGC NET Previous Year Paper

Candidates appearing for the forthcoming NTA UGC NET can refer to question papers for preparation. The UGC NET (National Eligibility Test) is to select eligible students for the post of Assistant Professor and/or JRF, Junior Research Fellowship award in Indian universities and colleges The candidates can adapt a holistic approach while solving the UGC NET Previous Year Papers.

Solving UGC NET Previous Year question papers is an important part of your preparation. Candidates can use UGC NET Previous Year’s Question Papers to learn about the question patterns and types of questions for better understanding.

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Importance Of Solving UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers

Check out the importance of solving the UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers given in the following section. The UGC Aspirants must have a clear idea of the benefits of practicing’s the UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers to optimally use it.

  • Solving UGC NET June previous papers is the best way to prepare and analyze for the UGC NET June 2023 Question Paper
  • It helps in understanding the UGC NET June Exam Pattern completely.
  • Analysis of difficulty level of questions asked in the exam.
  • It gives an idea of important topics from the UGC NET June 2023 Syllabus to plan preparations effectively.
  • Solving paper helps in increasing the speed leading to proper time management during the exam.
  • It improves the problem-solving skills of the candidates appearing for the UGC NET June 2023 Exam.
UGC NET June 2023 Question Paper

How to Use UGC NET Previous Year Question Paper?

The candidates must go through the following section to understand the UGC NET Previous Year Question Paper.

  • The candidates must check out the UGC NET Previous Year Question Paper to understand the pattern of questions that appeared in the last year.
  • They can easily comprehend the format, style, framing and difficulty of questions of UGC NET Previous Year Question Paper.
  • The candidates can use the UGC NET Previous Year Question Paper as practice papers to improve their timing and accuracy of solving the UGC NET Previous Year Question Paper.
  • Moreover, candidates will be able to understand the way they solve UGC NET Previous Year Question Paper and assess their performance while identifying their weakness and strengths.

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srnoExamNamePaperNameYearDate of ExamShiftQPAK
1UGC-NETCommerce Q1_Q50 (General_Paper)202313-06-20231DOWNLOAD
2UGC-NETCommerce Q1_Q50 (Subject Paper)202313-06-20231DOWNLOAD
3UGC-NETCommerce Q51_Q100 (Subject Paper)202313-06-20231DOWNLOAD
4UGC-NETCommerce Q1_Q50 (General_Paper)202313-06-20232DOWNLOAD
5UGC-NETCommerce Q1_Q50 (Subject Paper)202313-06-20232DOWNLOAD
6UGC-NETCommerce Q51_Q100 (Subject Paper)202313-06-20232DOWNLOAD
7UGC-NETLibrary and Information Science Q1_Q50(General Paper)202313-06-20232DOWNLOAD
8UGC-NETLibrary and Information Science Q1_Q50(Subject Paper)202313-06-20232DOWNLOAD
9UGC-NETLibrary and Information Science Q51_Q100(Subject Paper)202313-06-20232DOWNLOAD
10UGC-NETPhysical Education Q1_Q50 (General Paper)202313-06-20231DOWNLOAD
11UGC-NETPhysical Education Q1_Q50 (Subject Paper)202313-06-20232DOWNLOAD
12UGC-NETPhysical Education Q51_Q100 (Subject Paper)202313-06-20231DOWNLOAD
13UGC-NETEnglish Q1_Q50 (General Paper)202314-06-20231DOWNLOAD
14UGC-NETEnglish Q1_Q100 (Subject Paper)202314-06-20231DOWNLOAD
15UGC-NETEnglish Q1_Q50 (General Paper)202314-06-20232DOWNLOAD
16UGC-NETEnglish Q1_Q100 (Subject Paper)202314-06-20232DOWNLOAD
17UGC-NETHome Science Q1_Q50 (General Paper)202314-06-20231DOWNLOAD
18UGC-NETHome Science Q1_Q100 (Subject Paper)202314-06-20231DOWNLOAD
19UGC-NETSanskrit Q1_Q50 (General Paper)202314-06-20232DOWNLOAD
20UGC-NETSanskrit Q1_Q100 (Subject Paper)202314-06-20232DOWNLOAD
21UGC-NETEnvironmental Science General Paper202315-06-20232DOWNLOAD
22UGC-NETEnvironmental Science Subject paper202315-06-20232DOWNLOAD
23UGC-NETPolitical Science Q1-Q50_General Paper202315-06-20231DOWNLOAD
24UGC-NETPolitical Science Q51-Q150_Subject Paper202315-06-20231DOWNLOAD
25UGC-NETPolitical Science Q1-Q50_General Paper202315-06-20232DOWNLOAD
26UGC-NETPolitical Science Q51-Q150_Subject Paper202315-06-20232DOWNLOAD
27UGC-NETPsychology Q1-Q50_General Paper202315-06-20231DOWNLOAD
28UGC-NETPsychology Q51-Q150_Subject Paper202315-06-20231DOWNLOAD
29UGC-NETHistory General Paper Q1_Q50202316-06-20231DOWNLOAD
30UGC-NETHistory Subject Paper Q1_Q100202316-06-20231DOWNLOAD
31UGC-NETHistory General Paper Q1_Q50202316-06-20232DOWNLOAD
32UGC-NETHistory Subject Paper Q1_Q100202316-06-20232DOWNLOAD
33UGC-NETLaw General Paper Q1_Q50202316-06-20232DOWNLOAD
34UGC-NETLaw Subject Paper Q1_Q100202316-06-20232DOWNLOAD
35UGC-NETManagement General Paper Q1_Q50202316-06-20231DOWNLOAD
36UGC-NETManagement Subject Paper Q1_Q100202316-06-20231DOWNLOAD
37UGC-NETLive Education202320-06-20231DOWNLOAD
39UGC-NETLive Geography202320-06-20231DOWNLOAD
41UGC-NETLive Philosophy202320-06-20231DOWNLOAD
43UGC-NETLive Spanish202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
45UGC-NETSocial Work202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
46UGC-NETSocial Work B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
48UGC-NETSindhi B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
50UGC-NETRussian B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
52UGC-NETRajasthani B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
54UGC-NETPrakrit B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
56UGC-NETOriya B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
57UGC-NETMuseology and Conservation202321-11-20231DOWNLOAD
58UGC-NETMuseology and Conservation B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
60UGC-NETMaithili B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
62UGC-NETKonkani B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
64UGC-NETKashmiri B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
66UGC-NETJapanese B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
67UGC-NETIndian Knowledge System202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
68UGC-NETIndian Knowledge System B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
69UGC-NETIndian Culture202321-11-20231DOWNLOAD
70UGC-NETIndian Culture B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
71UGC-NETHuman Rights and Duties202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
72UGC-NETHuman Rights and Duties B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
73UGC-NETHindu Studies202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
74UGC-NETHindu Studies B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
76UGC-NETGerman B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
78UGC-NETDogri B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
79UGC-NETComparative Study of Religions202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
80UGC-NETComparative Study of Religions B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
81UGC-NETComparative Literature202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
82UGC-NETComparative Literature B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
84UGC-NETChinese B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
86UGC-NETBengali B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
88UGC-NETEconomics B2202321-06-20231DOWNLOAD
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What is UGC NET Exam ?

UGC NET or NTA-UGC-NET, is the examination for determining the eligibility for the post of assistant professor and/or Junior Research Fellowship award in Indian universities and colleges. The examination is conducted by National Testing Agency on behalf of University Grants Commission.

What is PYQ in UGC NET?

Solving UGC NET Previous Year Question Paper can help you understand the paper pattern, syllabus, types of questions asked, and level of difficulty in the examination.

Does UGC NET repeat questions?

Yes, the questions of UGC NET are repeated. But more important is to study the topic because 4-5 questions can be framed on the same topic. So it is important to read the topics as much as you can.

What is a good score in UGC NET?

According to some experts, getting more than 60% overall score is considered a good score in UGC NET for the Assistant Professor position. Meanwhile, a 65% score may be required to secure a position for JRF

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